10 yellow flower girl dresses . Darker is better than lighter for dancing. People don't want the spot light on them, they want to dance and have fun and not
feel like everyone is watching them.

9. Keep the exit doors closed. You don't want to welcome in uninvited guests. Having the doors open will allow more light into the
room as well.

8. Bars should always be in the main room, and preferably close to the dance floor. They are like kitchens, people draw to them.
Your guests will hover around the bar, and if its near the dance floor, then it will make for a better evening.

7. If you are going to shut down the bar for 30 minutes, do it during dinner. If you do it at 11:30, celebrity evening dresses then the party will more than
likely die out, and your guests will feel that it is time to go.

6. Happy music keeps the party going. Keep away from negative vibes, and keep the mood going all night long makes for a better party.

5. Respect the musical opinions of your guests and your DJ. They do this for a living. Be careful not to cut out all of the
clichewedding music, it will negatively impact the dance floor potential. People dance to what they know.

4. Don't do a dollar dance. It brings down the energy of the evening, and your guests find it the perfect time to slip out the back
door without being seen, only to be left with a handful of guests once its complete. If you are still planning to do one, do it
early, and limit it to three songs maximum to avoid taking away from the energy of the event.

3. People tend to remember the beginning and the end of an event. Therefore, be sure your DJ does a strong, grand introduction, and
starts the event off with a bang. It will help to build rapport, and puts them in a better position with your guests to have fun all
night long.

2. It is best to get the speeches done before the dancing begins, and best to get any remaining pictures to be done before the dancing
begins. There is nothing more frustrating than losing guests and momentum of a party to pictures needing to be done. The party
will be stronger, and more fun, if the focus is on the dance floor.

1. If you need to cut corners on your wedding, don't compromise on your wedding entertainment. A great DJ company is priceless, bad
entertainment is expensive, and will leave you with a bad taste forever.

Don t forget too, that during the month of January, we have a bridal show special. black and white cocktail dresses We are offering up to?$300 on our black lace cocktail dress , To see if your
date is available,

This post is based off of an article written in the November?1996 edition of Mobile Beat Magazine by Dan Nichols, even though 15 years
have past, ?I?agree still today, wholeheartedly with his list. Following these guidelines will surely make your reception better,
and help you to have the FUN reception everyone will rave about for years to come.

14. Don't put the older guests next to the dance floor or speakers. Seriously, they will truly appreciate not being so close to the

13. Don't Cram your entertainment out of the way, they should be placed a couple of feet off the dance floor, not in a closet, or on
the other side of the room separated by tables and fixtures

12. A party should end when it shouldn't end. Ending a party before it dies down leaves everyone with the impression that the floor
was packed all night. (In addition, you can often get a discount if your party ends before midnight)

11. A too small dance floor is better than one that is too big. Why? The answer is simple: It creates the impression whether real
or not. People are more likely to dance in a smaller space that appears to be busy, than the perception of feeling like they are the
only ones on the dance floor.

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